Airport Excellence (APEX) in Safety

Airport Excellence (APEX) in Safety Programme provides assistance for ACI members to improve their level of safety and compliance with ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices. Through a Safety Review performed on-site, the ACI Safety Review Team will identify safety gaps, as well as, draw an action/implementation plan for the Host Airport to address these vulnerabilities. ACI will also assist the Host Airport throughout the implementation phase by providing support, training and access to a global network of expertise.

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Please email your ACI Safety Review to Danny Boutin, Senior Manager, APEX Programmes, ACI World at: or


To be the leading enabler of airport safety by increasing the level of compliance with aerodrome regulations through cooperation between ICAO, Safety Partners and airports around the world.


To assist airports in their efforts to improve their safety performance, to implement safety management systems, establish indicators and tools for the reduction of safety incidents. And increase the level of compliance with applicable standards and foster the sharing of best safety practices amongst the airport community.

Safety Review - The Mechanism

Under APEX in Safety, ACI will organize and dispatch a team of experts to the Host Airport to improve its level of safety in specific areas of interest. The Host Airport will receive an on-site visit of a specially set up team of experts – the ACI Safety Review Team.

The following areas are presented as an example:

  • Runway Safety

  • Aerodrome Certification

  • Markings, Signs and Lighting

  • Emergency Response

  • Improvement of AIP Documentation

  • Low Visibility Procedure

  • Winter Operations

  • Movement Area Maintenance

  • Aerodrome Works Safety

  • Removal of Disabled Aircraft
  • Safety Management Systems (SMS)

  • Wildlife Hazard Management

  • Rescue and Firefighting

  • Airside Driver and Vehicle Management

  • Management of Ground Handlers,
    Contractual and Legal Issues

  • Obstacle Management

  • FOD Management

  • Movement Area Access

  • Apron Safety Management

  • Hazardous Material Handling


The enhanced level of safety will directly benefit the State. The State oversight capabilities will receive a boost, as the airport participating in the APEX in Safety Program will display a greater level of compliance with the national regulations applicable and the ICAO SARPS, under the umbrella of the State Safety Program (SSP).

  • Tailored approach

  • Access to global network of safety experts

  • Action Plan

  • ICAO regulatory aspects covered

  • Access to knowledge data base

  • Guidance material
  • Measures that can be immediately

  • Practical application

  • Effective results within reach

  • Appropriate solutions based on specific
    operational environment

  • Access to documentation

  • Training, workshops, and further assistance

Request an ACI Safety Review

To request an ACI Safety Review, please fill out a safety review request and email it to Danny Boutin, Senior Manager, APEX Programmes, ACI World at 

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Request to be an Airport Safety Partner

To request to be an ACI Safety Partner, please fill out a reply form and email it to Danny Boutin, Senior Manager, APEX Programmes, ACI World at or fax to +1 514 373 1201.

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