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As APEX continues to grow by providing airports with comprehensive onsite safety reviews, there is increasingly more media coverage on how the programme is positively impacting the industry.
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Industry articles:
Aerodrome certification: ACI and ICAO’s strong relationship is making a difference
Danny Boutin, Senior Manager, APEX Programmes, ACI World
ACI World Report - July 2017
Aerodrome Certification: Common challenges in Latin America and the Caribbean
Juan Manuel Manriquez Viñas, Manager, APEX in Safety, ACI World
ACI World Report - June 2017
ACI and EASA work together towards safety enhancement at African Airports
Ermenando Silva, Manager, APEX in Safety, ACI World
ACI World Report - May 2017
APEX Safety Assessor Training Programme: Phase II
Issa Castro, Manager, Global Training, ACI World 
Paul Aliu, Coordinator, APEX Logistics and Support, ACI World
ACI World Report - May 2017
ACI's APEX in Safety and EASA partner to help the Africa region achieve safety objectives
Ermenando Silva, Manager, APEX in Safety, ACI World
ACI World Report - May 2017
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