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How it works
ACI coordinates and dispatches an ACI Safety Review Team of experts to the host airport, with the goal of improving safety in specific areas of interest.

Upon request from the host airport, APEX in Safety can provide a Safety Review of any safety area.

A review will usually include a wide range of security key areas as listed below, which could be tailored to the host airport’s environment and needs.

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Safety review areas
Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting: Rescue and Firefighting; Emergency Response; Hazardous Material Handling; Training; Fleet Management; Breathing Apparatus and Personal Protective Equipment
Documentation:  Safety Management Systems; Aerodrome Certification; Validation of Aeronautical Information Publications Documentation; Airside Driver and Vehicle Management; Management of Ground Handlers; Removal of Disabled Aircraft; Standard and Operating Procedures
Physical Characteristics and Visual Aids: Runway Safety; Markings, Signs and Lighting; Aerodrome Certification; Pavement Management; Low Visibility Operation Procedure; Obstacle Management; Winter Operations; Foreign Object Debris Management; Movement Area Maintenance; Movement Area Access; Aerodrome Works Safety; Apron Safety Management; Creation of Local Runway Safety Team
Wildlife Management:Wildlife Management Plan; Vegetation Control; Waste Management and Food Sourcing; Wildlife Habitat Management Plan; Risk Management; Wildlife Dispersal Techniques
Host airport benefits
  • Enhances levels of safety through knowledge of regulatory standards, best operational practices and training needs/options
  • Provides thorough understanding of its own safety performance
  • Identifies areas for improved efficiency and better use of resources
  • Allows access to a pool of expertise, facilitating the mitigation of any safety gaps as required by its specific operating environment
  • Initiates a cycle of continuous improvement
More information
For questions about the APEX Programme email apex@aci.aero.
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