ACI World Staff

Director, Security, Facilitation and IT
Nina Brooks
Office: Montreal
Tel: +1 514 373 1244
Working languages: eng

Nina Brooks has been Head, Security at ACI World since August 2015. Her main responsibility is to represent the interests of ACI World and its members with regard to aviation security with ICAO, national regulators and industry partners. She is also responsible for developing training and guidance materials, providing security expertise for the Airport Excellence (APEX) in Security programme, providing input and best practices with regard to emerging issues such as cyber security, drones and MANPADS, and overseeing the management of the Smart Security project for ACI.

Nina has worked in the aviation industry for many years, specializing in aviation security and facilitation. With a background in regulatory and government affairs, she has broad experience in the security field on subjects such as risk management, emerging threats, cyber security, capacity building and new technologies.

Nina started her aviation career at Virgin Atlantic Airways in the United Kingdom, working in the Government Affairs Team on border and security regulation. She then spent eight years at IATA where she was responsible for many aviation security projects, as well as working closely with the airlines, ACI, regulators and ICAO. She joined the ACI team from InterVISTAS Consulting, where she was Director, Borders and Security, working with many airports and regulators in the United States and Canada.

Nina has taught Aviation Security at McGill University School of Continuing Studies, is on the Editorial Board of Aviation Security International magazine and has a degree in computer science.

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