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Manager, Airport Safety & Operations
Gudjon Atlason
Office: Montreal
Tel: +1 514-373-1239
Working languages: isl, eng

Gudjon has over 25 years experience in Aviation, including 12 years with the Icelandic Civil Aviation Authority as Aviation Safety Inspector and Auditor, working in Iceland and internationally, mainly in airport safety, air crew licensing and aviation security. He was seconded for 15 months to the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) as Airport Rulemaking Officer. On leave from ICAA in 2010 he was a QA Manager with Calm Air Int’l in Canada. Earlier carrier as Flight Dispatcher Duty Manager and aircraft handling services officer at The Flight Services in Reykjavik where his duties included; international flight planning, weather briefing, flight following, apron work and all general arrangements for aircraft turn-around.

He has education in aviation, education and commerce, training and experience of implementation, function and auditing of Quality and Safety Management Systems in aviation.

Gudjon has lead audits and inspections for aerodrome certification and oversight at the following aerodromes: Pristina in Kosovo, Egilsstaðir Airport, Akureyri Airport, Reykjavík Airport, Keflavík Airport and many smaller regional aerodromes in Iceland. He has participated in audits and inspections at Kabul Airport and several heliports.

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