History of Airports Council International

Before the establishment of ACI in January 1991, the world's airports were represented on the international scene by the Airport Associations Coordinating Council (AACC), which had in turn been created in 1970 by the three then-existing international airport associations:
  • Airport Operators Council International (AOCI)
  • International Civil Airports Association (ICAA)
  • Western European Airports Association (WEAA)
Before 1970, the three associations had collaborated on an informal ad hoc basis and had presented the interests of their memberships to other international organizations separately.

With the passage of time, however, the growing importance of the external factors on airport operation created the need for a formal relationship with governments, airlines, manufacturers and other parties concerned.

This led to the establishment of AACC, with a view to formulating unified airport industry policies, furthering collaboration between its constituent associations, and representing them collectively with worldwide aviation organizations and other relevant bodies.

After WEAA was dissolved in 1985, AACC became a bipartite body. The decision to create ACI, which incorporated AOCI and ICAA and succeeded AACC, was taken in 1989. The Constitution of ACI was approved by AOCI and ICAA memberships in the autumn of 1990 and came into effect on 1 January 1991.

For more information on ACI's history, please download the ACI Celebrating 20 Years: 1991-2011. 

For more information on the history of commercial aviation, please download 100 Years of Commercial Aviation, a reference manual compiled in part by ACI and published by Hermes Air Transport Club in 2014.

Chronology of the History of ACI

 Establishment of the Airports Operators Council (later Airport Operators Council International AOCI), based in Washington D.C.

1950: Establishment of the Western European Airports Association WEAA, based in Zurich.

Establishment of the International Civil Airports Association ICAA, based in Paris

Establishment of the Airports Associations Coordinating Council AACC, based in Geneva, to represent collectively AOCI, ICAA and WEAA with ICAO, IATA and other worldwide aviation organizations.

ICAO grants AACC observer status

United Economic and Social Council (UN/ECOSOC) grants AACC consultative status.

Dissolution of WEAA. Member airports join ICAA and/ or AOCI.

Establishment of the Airports Council International ACI, integrating AOCI and ICAA and succeeding AACC. Structured in six geographical regions: Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America/Caribbean, North America, and the Pacific, ACI establishes its headquarters in Geneva and regional offices in Cairo, New Delhi, Brussels, Caracas, Washington D.C., and Vancouver.

Establishment of ACI World Standing Committees. Regional Committees on same subjects and others also set up.

Establishment of the ACI Fund for Developing Nations' Airports, based in Geneva.

Establishment of the ACI World Business Partners program.

Opening of the ACI Liaison Office with ICAO in Montreal.

Relocation of ACI-LAC and ACI-Pacific Regional offices from Caracas to Merida, Mexico, and from Vancouver to Hong Kong, respectively.

Relocation of ACI-Africa Regional Office to Casablanca.

2006:  Merger of ACI Asia and ACI Pacific regions, forming ACI Asia-Pacific.

Relocation of ACI-LAC regional Office to Brasil.

Relocation of ACI-LAC regional office to Quito, Ecuador.

Relocation of ACI World Headquarters to Montreal.

Relocation of the ACI-LAC regional office to Panama City, Panama.