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ACI ACRIS Recommended Practice - Version 1.0

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Airport Beacons Recommended Practice

Introducing new technologies without developing a best practice in place presents a risk to the industry. In response to the growing use of beacons in the airport community, the ACI World Airport IT Standing Committee (WAITSC) has created a Beacons task whose mandate is to make recommendations on how to adequately deploy and control beacons at an airport, all available in a Recommended Practice. ACI has worked intensely with IATA and other organizations (Airport, airlines, and suppliers) in the development of the RP. This RP will be officially approved by the ACI Board in September 2016. Download »

ACI Policy and Recommended Practices - Airport Automation and e-business

This is your source of basic guidelines for airport operators. Section 4 in this best industry handbook gives guidance on Airport Automation and E-business. Topics covered include: communications infrastructure, common use systems, cargo automation, FIDS, MRTDs, API, RFID, biometric identification, baggage automation, EDI, electronic ticketing, kiosks, security systems, websites, e-business. Download »

Best Practice on Automated Passenger Flow Measurement Solutions 

The number of airports with detailed operational experience of passenger flow monitoring is rapidly increasing. Recognizing this, the Airports Council International (ACI) World Airport IT Standing Committee (WAITSC) has recently published this Best Practice Paper that brings together existing experience on passenger flow measurement solutions and provides a guideline for airports intending to use passenger flow measurement technologies in the future. Download » 

Aviaition Information Data Exchange (AIDX)

In terms of data exchange, and as part of the same joint approach under CUPPS, ACI has worked intensely in the development of the Aviation Information Data Exchange (AIDX) 501A07 RP, which allows flight information to flow smoothly among partners in an efficient, standardized way, easy to be sent, received and processed. This RP was officially approved by the ACI Board in April 2009, being the 2 nd ATA/IATA/ ACI joint RP. Download »

Common User Passenger Processing Systems (CUPPS)

The Common Use Passenger Processing Systems (CUPPS) 500A07 RP, approved by the ACI Board in Buenos Aires, November 2007, was the 1st joint RP approved by ATA, IATA and ACI, in a coordinated effort to make possible a true interoperable standard for agent-face terminal equipment. Please check for more information. Download »

Airport IT trends Surveys

The Airport IT Trends Survey delivered in partnership by Airline Business, the Airports Council International and SITA, tracks key technology trends. Downloads: 2015 • 2014 • 2013 

Simplifying Passenger Travel Interest Group (SPTIG) - Ideal Process Flow (IPF)

The Simplifying Passenger Travel Interest Group (SPTIG), of which ACI is a founding member, has released the Ideal Process Flow (IPF) for the travel of passengers through an airport. ICAO standard biometrics are to be used as the core of the passenger identification process in the IPF and are, in the future, to be implemented at all airports. Download »

ACI Position Paper - The Application of Biometrics at Airports

This position paper provides general recommendations on the development and implementation of biometrically enabled programmes for border control, passenger facilitation and staff access control. It was produced by a Task Force set up by ACI’s Governing Board which approved the paper at its meeting on 6 November 2005. Download »

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