Airport IT - Initiatives

This page is intended to provide information and guidance on current ACI Airport IT Standing Committee initiatives. 
Seamless Travel using ACRIS web services
Munich Airport, Frankfurt Airport and Amsterdam Schiphol Airport exchanges knowledge and experience to help developing a customized IT solutions using ACRIS Web services to simplify the travel chain.
ACRIS Seamless Travel: Business Requirements Document
ACRIS Seamless Travel: Implementation Guideline
Airport Beacons
In response to the growing interest in Airport Beacons, a task force has been established under the ACI Airport IT World Standing Committee to produce a Recommended Practice on the Beacons usage.
ACI IATA Airport Terminal Beacons Recommended Practice
IT Benchmarking Tool: Protect your network against cyberattacks
In response to the growing threat of cyber-attacks around the world, impacting every industry, including airports, the ACI World Airport IT Standing Committee (WAITSC) has created a cybersecurity task force whose mandate is to engage and educate airports world-wide on the issues of cybersecurity and to define a strategy to help protect airports against cyber-attack and, in the event that such an attack takes place, to assist in mitigation efforts to protect airports throughout the world.
Airport IT Security Benchmarking Tool Fact Sheet
Airport Digital Transformation 
Airport digital transformation entails the use of technology to create new businesses, radically improve performance and expand the reach of enterprises. It is not about implementing new technologies but transforming the airport to take advantage of  information technology—focusing on the “how” rather than the “what.”
Digital Airport Survey
Airport Digital Transformation 
API Shop
End-to-end baggage tracking 
  1.        IATA Resolution 753 – Note to ACI members
  2.        IATA Resolution 753
  3.        IATA Resolution 753 – Implementation Guide (V3.0)
Wearable Technology
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Senior Manager, Facilitation and IT