An Introduction to Airport Service Quality
Excellent customer service is one of the greatest assets for an airport in today’s competitive environment. There are many factors that can help an airport to build its customer base, and customer service can be a determining factor in the success of an entire operation.

Service quality for passengers at airports has been a key concern of ACI since it was founded in 1991. The ACI World Facilitation Standing Committee has developed global facilitation standards that are essential ingredients in providing a more pleasant and seamless airport experience. These substantive accomplishments as well as the increasingly competitive environment in which airports operate prompted the ACI World Governing Board to define customer service as one of six primary targets of ACI activities.

An airport creates the traveller’s first and last impression of a city or country, and it is a known fact that a pleasant airport experience encourages spending and influences future travel plans. With a large portion of revenues coming from non-aeronautical sources, customer satisfaction also makes good business sense.

At the same time, airlines are also airport “customers”. As the airlines modify, expand and improve their services, they want to be sure that airports deliver services that are of consistent quality to match the airline offering.

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