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ACI Bulletin for Members: CEANS Results (February 2009)

In July 2008, ACI Director General Angela Gittens wrote to all members concerning the ICAO Conference on the Economics of Airport and Air Navigation Services and the important debate to take place there concerning airport economics and user charges. The monthly ACI World Reports kept you apprised of the ACI efforts, formal papers submitted to the conference and initial results. This Bulletin, as promised previously, provides a summary of key conference results, recommendations and their impact on ICAO’s new policies on charges for airports as reflected in the revised ICAO Doc 9082. Download ⇓

ACI Position Brief: The Airport Business (October 2007)

ACI encourages its member airports to continuously improve operational and cost efficiency to moderate the cost of flying and to mitigate intensifying capacity shortfalls. Download ⇓

ACI Position Brief: Liberalization and Privatisation (March 2007) 

The aviation industry is, by its very nature, a global industry. Airports and airlines link cities and countries and rely on global standards to ensure that the system runs efficiently. ACI plays a vital role in bringing the world’s airports together, calling for and coordinating worldwide standards and ideals. This paper covers ACI positions in the global fields of liberalisation and airport ownership. Download ⇓