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Do-It-Yourself Airport Greenhouse Gas Inventory Tool (ACERT v2.1)
The Airport Carbon and Emissions Reporting Tool (ACERT) is a self-contained Excel spreadsheet that enables an airport operator to calculate its own greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventory. The tool is available at no cost to airports and can be used without emissions or environmental expertise, inputting readily available operational data. 

Methodologies are consistent with the ACI Guidance Manual on Airport Greenhouse Gas Emissions Management (2009) and the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. The tool is approved for the ACI EUROPE Airport Carbon Accreditation Levels 1 and 2.

Emissions are divided according to ownership and control of the source:

Scope 1 
Emissions owned and controlled by the airport operator, such as energy generation and airport vehicles. 

Scope 2 
Emissions from the off-site generation of energy purchased by the airport operator. 

Scope 3
Emissions are those owned and controlled by airport tenants and other stakeholders including:
  • Aircraft activity in airport area;
  • Airline and other tenant vehicles, ground service equipment (GSE) and energy usage;
  • Ground access vehicles (GAV) for staff and passengers including buses and train.

ACERT will be useful for:

  • Airports with no dedicated environmental staff or budget for consulting fees
  • Airports developing GHG management on a voluntary (non- regulated) basis
Input for ACERT can be completed by operations, planning or maintenance staff with no environmental training or expertise.

Version 2.1 features the following:

  • A new option to input the total fuel dispensed to aircraft instead of the aircraft movements and other activity
  • New options on biofuels including an option to have non-zero net emission from biofuels
  • A few corrections to Emission factors and some small errors

Download the ACERT Flyer

To obtain ACERT please email:
Airport GHG Inventory
ACERT was initially developed by Transport Canada and its consultant EBA with the Canadian Airports Council. A global version was developed with the further assistance of Zurich Airport and Toronto Pearson Airport.
For more information contact:  

Xavier Oh  
Senior Manager, Environmental Protection