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Pavement De-icing Products (PDP) and Carbon Brake Catalytic Oxidation (CBCO) (Updated Briefing Note May 2015)

To help ensure safe winter operations, many airports and tenants must use chemicals to prevent or remove ice on aircraft movement areas. Airport operators must comply with both aviation and environmental regulation. There is some evidence that the de-icers with the least environmental impact also contribute to the premature structural deterioration of carbon-based aircraft brakes. The issue thus spans airport winter operations and environmental management, aircraft brake design and maintenance, airline economics and operations, and operational safety. This ACI Briefing Note provides airport operators with an overview of the main issues and highlights the need for detailed internal discussions. The updated Note includes some recommendations that arise from a Safety Risk Assessment conducted by a group led by IATA. Download ⇓

ACI Position Brief: Commentary on WHO Report - Burden of Disease from Environmental Noise (2012)

An environmental noise target as recommended by WHO for the protection of health can have major consequences for the operation of airports. ACI provides a commentary on these recommendations and encourages the consideration of other factors, including sound insulation performance, providing for reasonable levels of activity and the need for transportation in modern society. ACI’s position is that, with respect to transportation, the proposal is unreasonable and unrealistic. Download ⇓

ACI Position Brief: Aircraft Noise and Community Relations (2014)

Aircraft noise technology has improved dramatically in the past 40 years, however noise remains the most important local environment issue for most airports. Aircraft noise management includes using the best technology and flight procedures to reduce noise impact. Land use planning requires the cooperation of a territorial authority with foresight. Airports need to proactively foster community relations based on open and clear communications and social programme initiatives. Download ⇓

ACI Position Brief: Airports and the Environment (2014)

Environmental stewardship at airports is becoming as important as safety and security. As well as potentially reducing operating costs, sound environmental practice is needed to mitigate adverse community pressure and avoid regulation from local authorities. ACI has a role to promote best practice and share knowledge between airports, especially those in regions where environmental management practices are low priority. Download ⇓

ACI Position Brief: Climate Change (2010)

Airports are the interface between aviation and ground transportation. The aviation industry is working with ICAO towards a global framework to address global aircraft emissions. ACI is also working with its airport members to address aircraft emissions at airports from landing to take-off including auxiliary power units (APU), taxiing, queuing and congestion. Airports also need to address non-aviation emissions from ground support equipment (GSE), fleet vehicles, power and heating plants, and ground access vehicles (GAV). Download ⇓