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Automated Border Control (ABC) Implementation Guide

The Automated Border Control (ABC) Implementation Guide covers a number of topics that are fundamental to obtaining a clear understanding of how ABC can be implemented. Given the variety of stakeholders in the implementation process, various aspects of the overall processes to promote a common understanding and standardized approach to ABC implementation are outlined. This Implementation Guide, established in close cooperation between IATA, FRONTEX and ACI, explains the ABC functionalities and provides guidelines, checklists and case studies. Download ⇓

The Security Access & Egress Implementation Guide 

Increased and constantly changing security requirements continue to add costs to the industry. Unfortunately delays associated with passenger processing are significant as the number of passengers grow and security threats and border protection measures proliferate around the world. There is a significant benefit in documenting various aspects of the overall processes at the security checkpoint. The multiple stakeholders around the security process including airport operators, airlines, and multiple government agencies make security process improvement a complex challenge to tackle. Each of these stakeholders have operational goals especially with regards to improving efficiency (maximizing capacity utilization whilst minimizing operational costs), security and passenger experience. The content of this Implementation Guide, established in close cooperation between IATA and ACI, is intended to be used as guidance material and to be considered when applicable, subject to local requirements. Download ⇓ 

Best Practice on Automated Passenger Flow Measurement Solutions 

The number of airports with detailed operational experience of passenger flow monitoring is rapidly increasing. Recognizing this, the Airports Council International (ACI) World Airport IT Standing Committee (WAITSC) has recently published this Best Practice Paper that brings together existing experience on passenger flow measurement solutions and provides a guideline for airports intending to use passenger flow measurement technologies in the future. Download ⇓

SITA - Passenger Counting and Tracking Technology - Comparison Fact Sheet 

The purpose of this fact sheet is to provide an understanding of the various passenger counting and tracking technologies currently available, as well as those technologies that are emerging. The information presented is a neutral view of the pros and cons of the technologies at this point in time, and believed to be accurate, but not warranted. SITA will update this document from time to time, as the technologies continue to evolve. Download ⇓ 

Business Continuity Management Framework and Case Studies for Health-Related Disruptions at Airports

ACI recommended framework to establish one generic airport-wide Business Continuity Management System to cover the range of operational threats that the airport operator faces. The document contains additional case studies and tools to manage health-related disruptions at airports. Download ⇓

Airport Preparedness Guidelines for Outbreaks of Communicable Disease

These recommendations are designed to reduce exposure to an infectious agent at airports and to improve the response to health related emergencies by establishing mechanisms for rapid decision-making and action. They are intended as guidance, to be adapted to the local situation as necessary. Download ⇓

Supplement to "Airports and Persons with Disabilities Handbook"

A supplement to Airports & Persons with Disabilities Handbook for Airport Operators with new EU and US regulations for airports and people with disabilities.  Download ⇓

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