Health - Initiatives

The ICAO 'Collaborative Arrangement for the Prevention and Management of Public Health Events in Civil Aviation (CAPSCA)' Programme
CAPSCA is an International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) global programme to improve preparedness planning and response to public health events that affect the aviation sector, such as an influenza pandemic or a nuclear power-plant accident. ICAO has worked closely with States, the World Health Organization (WHO), the International Air Transport Association (IATA), Airports Council International (ACI) and other partners, to develop relevant provisions in a number of Annexes to the Convention on International Civil Aviation.
In addition to providing multi-sector seminars and workshops on preparedness planning, CAPSCA arranges assistance visits to States and international airports. These joint ICAO/WHO visits by aviation and public health experts facilitate training for aviation and health professionals who are involved in public health event planning in the aviation sector.
For information please refer to the CAPSCA flyer and visit the CAPSCA website.