ACI Policy Paper on Ground Handling

The attached policy paper on ground handling has been approved by the ACI World Governing Board, and we hope that members will find it useful in their interaction with ground handlers. It should indicate a common way forward, and a consistent message worldwide.

ACI World's Safety and Technical Standing Committee (STSC) was tasked by the Board with developing a policy on ground handling responding to concerns about accidents on aprons related to ground handling and a lack of regulation, as well as the reality that airport operators may have difficulty in imposing rules and limits on ground handlers for safety purposes.

A major recommendation in the policy is that airport operators should give a licence to ground handlers that it regards as qualified to operate on the airport's property. The content of the licence will give the airport operator more power to oversee safety standards. The committee will further develop the outline of the proposed licence into a complete template that can be adapted according to local needs.

We are developing a strategy for cooperation with IATA and have already provided comments on the IATA Ground Operations Manual. Meanwhile, we are assisting ICAO to develop guidelines for States to certify ground handlers, and have provided content relating to airport operators.