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The ACI Guide to Airport Security: Assessment of Human Factors in Checkpoint Security (2013)

This guide aims to equip managers with a deeper understanding of the human factors that contribute to effective passenger screening. These factors cover the 'people' involved and how we recruit, select and train our security officers. They address the 'organization' structures and the work processes we use. They look at the 'technology' component - the critical interface between man and machine - and how well we optimize the screening checkpoint's working 'environment'.

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ACI World seeking
airport secondee with
security experience
ACI World is seeking an airport secondee with security experience to work with the
Security Department for a 1–2 year term. Responsibilities will include the development of
guidance material, participation in ICAO activities and assistance with the APEX programme.
For more information, please contact Nina Brooks at nbrooks@aci.aero.