Smart Security (SmartS)

Smart Security is a joint program between ACI and IATA.

The Problem

Today’s passenger security screening process works—but at great cost to authorities, the airline industry, and to passengers themselves. Given the predicted growth in air travel—and continuously evolving security threats—today’s model is not sustainable for the long term.

The Vision

An uninterrupted journey from curb to aircraft door, where passengers proceed through the security checkpoint with minimal need to divest, where security resources are allocated based on risk, and where airport amenities can be maximized.

The Solution

The Smart Security Program lays out a roadmap to evolve airport passenger security screening to a more sustainable, efficient and effective process that leverages new technologies.

The goals of the Smart Security are:

  • Strengthened security – Focus resources based on risk, increase unpredictability, make better use of existing technologies, and introduce new technologies with advanced capabilities as they become available

  • Increased operational efficiency – Increase throughput, optimize asset utilization, reduce cost per passenger, and maximize space and staff resources

  • Improved passenger experience – Reduce queues and waiting times and use technology for less intrusive and time consuming security screening

The Benefits

Passengers benefit from more secure, faster, convenient and less-intrusive security screening

Airlines benefit from higher customer satisfaction and reduction in departure delays

Airports benefit from greater operational efficiencies and increased revenue opportunities

Governments benefit from an improved ability to counter threats, ability to focus resources where risk is greatest, and leverage investment made on existing technologies

Manufacturers benefit from greater use of technologies

Everyone benefits from strengthened security

Support for Smart Security

Strong support has been expressed by major international regulators for the Smart Security concepts both through official endorsement for a statement of the key principles and approval of the process and roadmap at the ICAO High Level Conference on Aviation Security in September 2012.

The Smart Security initiative is being developed jointly by governments, airlines, airports, law enforcement entities, and technology providers.

For further information about the project and participation in the in the working groups or trails, please email