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What is Smart Security?

Smart Security, a joint initiative of Airports Council International (ACI) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA), envisions a future where passengers proceed through security checkpoints with minimal inconvenience, where security resources are allocated based on risk and where airport facilities are optimized, thus contributing toward an improved journey from curb to airside. Smart Security aims to share information with airports, screening authorities, regulators and similar parties interested in learning about various concepts, processes and technologies around security checkpoints.

What are the Smart Security guidance documents?

The knowledge gained and lessons learned from various trial and research activities in many locations are summarized into guidance documents, with the objective of giving airports and screening authorities a head start in adopting innovative security screening solutions. Below are the various Smart Security guidance materials and their respective chapters.

Publication and updates

These guidance documents are regularly reviewed and updated with inputs from our stakeholders. Through this page you will always have access to the most recent publications. In order to ensure that only current versions of these documents are in use by the industry, we ask that you kindly refrain from re-publishing these documents on other platforms.

A “Blueprint” identifies the current and likely future innovation and technologies available, laying the foundation for future phases of the project.

Smart Security Blueprint »

Below are the various Smart Security guidance materials and their respective chapters.
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Guidance documents
Alternative Methods for Passenger and Cabin Baggage Screening »

Cabin Baggage Screening »


Checkpoint Design and Automation »

This document was previously known as Checkpoint Environment.

Checkpoint Management »


Centralized Image Processing (CIP) »

Key Performance Metrics for Checkpoint Efficiency »


Passenger Screening »


Risk-Based Passenger Screening: Advanced Data-Drive Differentiation »


Risk-Based Passenger Screening: Deployment »


Risk-Based Passenger Screening: Real-Time Differentiation Techniques »

What are guidance documents?