Best Improvement

The ‘Best Improvement Award, Europe Region’ for the biggest improvement in ASQ overall satisfaction results between 2012 and 2013 went to Göteborg Landvetter Airport in Göteborg, Sweden.


The ASQ Award for Best Improvement in the Europe region went to Gothenburg Airport.

Göteborg Landvetter Airport is Sweden’s second largest airport and a gateway to Europe and the world. With record passenger numbers, we passed the 5 million mark in 2013, and 3,500 staff work hard each day to create a great experience.

The airport was built in 1977, but we are continuously working to improve the look and feel of our terminal areas. Last year saw a major expansion, with over 1,000 m2 of additional shopping space for our passengers. Scandinavia has strong design tradition and a welcoming attitude, and we want to combine that with a hassle-free experience in a clean, well maintained environment.

We work very consciously to create the right atmosphere in various parts of the airport. The Swedish seasons of the year provide the mood board we use. As you enter the terminal, we want to recreate winter, not with snow and subzero temperatures, but with a sense of direction, creating “tracks in the snow” that are easy to follow.

The security checkpoint is a spring experience, where the first rays of sunshine warm your skin and you feel relaxed and at ease, almost like a lounge experience.

Transit is summer, where great shopping and food outlets beckon, encouraging you to try something new and spend your time well. Art and design all around create a unique setting.

Arriving back at the airport is like autumn. You calm down after your vivid experience abroad. At the same time, it feels great to be back home.

Working closely with our airlines, handling agents and other partners at the airport, we are striving to become Europe’s best airport.

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