Airport Service Quality (ASQ)

ASQ Survey - Additional Services

The following optional services are available for a fee to supplement the ASQ programme and create an even more in-depth view of passengers’ experiences.

ASQ Survey fieldwork services
ACI offers to arrange ASQ Survey fieldwork at a participating airport as an optional service. ACI has access to a network of market research agencies that can conduct the Survey fieldwork. Where a participating airport contracts this optional service, it will need to arrange the issue of airport restricted area permits or otherwise facilitate fieldworkers’ access to the airside departure lounge and boarding gate areas.

Additional survey sample
The basic subscription to the ASQ Survey main programme includes the processing and analysis of 350 completed ASQ Survey questionnaires per quarter. A larger survey sample facilitates more detailed analysis and can provide additional insights. ACI offers the option to increase the quarterly sample size by units of 50 completed survey questionnaires.

ASQ Survey Comprehensive Insight Report
The ASQ Comprehensive Insight Report complements the annual ASQ Survey Report. Produced annually, it provides comprehensive analysis of the participating airport’s strengths and weaknesses during the annual Survey. It provides deeper insight into the factors that drive both passenger satisfaction and dissatisfaction. It presents this analysis as actionable management information, enabling the participating airport’s executive team to develop a cost-effective improvement action plan that prioritizes investments in those areas that would most improve passengers’ overall satisfaction.

Passenger Comments Analysis Report
This dynamic report collates the free text comments from the participating airport’s completed ASQ Survey questionnaires on a quarterly basis. Each comment is coded and categorized, allowing more in-depth analysis and comparison over time. The report also allows for the comments and results to be exported into other documents.

Dissatisfied Passenger Probe
This probe is specifically designed to allow the participating airport to understand the root cause of a passenger’s dissatisfaction. The ASQ Survey fieldwork agent is provided with Dissatisfied Passenger Probe forms. If a passenger completing the ASQ Survey questionnaire scores any service element as “1” or “2,” (out of 5), the fieldwork agent uses the form to ask the passenger supplementary questions and to record the reasons for that low score. The completed forms are then forwarded together with the completed quarterly survey questionnaires. These forms are analyzed and a report is provided along with the quarterly deliverables.

Customized reports
Where a participating airport has research requirements that are not covered by the standard and optional services described above, ACI offers to run customized analyses and prepare customized reports. For example, a customized report might cover analysis of specific service items or benchmark analysis on a selected group of airports or within a geographical area. The analyses and reports are tailored to meet the participating airport’s specific needs.

Airport Executive Presentation
The presentation is designed to provide the participating airport’s top management team with an executive summary of the results, analyses, benchmarking and insights for that airport from the ASQ Survey. The presentation is normally provided in person by ACI’s market research professionals, who will also be able to facilitate discussion on the opportunities for improvement and the importance of passenger service.