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ASQ Assured is a quality management certification specifically designed and operated for airports by ACI. It is a certification of an effective service quality management process, helping airports meet the challenge of managing service quality in a very dynamic industry environment by recognizing the initiatives and processes in place at the airport. Certified airports benefit from industry recognition as well as an independent audit and report on their processes.

ASQ Assured is unique in that it recognizes that providing continual high quality service is a journey, not a destination. It is designed to be a framework to help airports drive continual improvement and identify areas to focus on. ASQ Assured does not mandate an arbitrary service level. Certification recognizes airports’ commitment to service quality and the fact that systems and processes are in place to constantly improve the service provided to passengers.

ASQ Assured is an invaluable tool to airport CEO’s who want to:

• Chart a course of airport service improvement.
• Benchmark their existing service quality management processes against airport industry best practice.
• Strengthen their customer focused management culture.
• Provide a tool to measure year-on-year progress.
• Demonstrate their commitment and attainment of industry best practice to stakeholders and regulators.

ASQ Assured is user friendly and flexible – reflecting the diversity in airport management globally.

For more information or if you have any questions regarding ASQ, please contact:

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