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The main programme has over 200 airports participating and is designed for all airports which require regularly updated information on their service performance for operational and strategic decision-making. Over half of the world's top 100 airports participate in ASQ.

Every month, at all participating airports, departing passengers are interviewed about their on-the-day experience. All airports use the same questionnaire and methodology. Every year, over 400'000 passengers are interviewed for the ASQ Survey.

The programme offers quarterly results providing insight and comparisons with service performance of airports all over the world.

The main ASQ Survey programme is tailored for airports of all sizes, from 0.5 million passengers to 85 million. The wide range of ASQ participants allows each airport to select an appropriate benchmarking panel.

ASQS offers a powerful array of deliverables available within weeks of the end of each calendar quarter. These deliverables include management summaries and interactive data mining and analysis tools as well as individually tailored reports, panels and raw data.

Participating airports have access to all other participating airport’s results.

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