Airport Service Quality (ASQ)

ASQ Arrival Survey

Airports need a complete picture of passenger sentiment in order to ensure a stellar customer experience. The ASQ Arrivals Survey, when combined with ASQ’s main Departures Survey, offers airports a holistic picture of what passengers are thinking, doing and feeling as they move through the various stages of their airport journey. It collects their opinions on the day they travel, when the experience is fresh in their minds.

The ASQ Arrivals Survey provides participating airports with valuable insights on:

  •          disembarkation;
  •          immigration;
  •          baggage reclaim;
  •          customs;
  •          infrastructure and services; and on,
  •          comprehensive passenger profiles.

Like the ASQ main Departures Survey, the ASQ Arrivals Survey gives airports the tools they need to improve their passenger service initiatives and the flexibility to adapt the programme through optional services like additional sample plans, increased sample sizes and more.

The ASQ Arrivals Survey is for any airport—current ASQ members or those just beginning their journey toward customer service excellence—that wishes to learn how to improve their passengers’ arrivals experience from the only source that really matters: the passengers themselves.

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