Airport Service Quality (ASQ)

ASQ Commercial Survey

The ACI ASQ Commercial Survey provides insights on commercial performance and how airports can optimize non-aeronautical revenues. It is a valuable new component of the only truly world-renowned and globally established benchmarking programme.

It helps airports of all sizes to assess their commercial areas not just as a service that they provide but also how customers experience those services. A much needed programme for the industry, the survey collects data continuously from departing passengers in gate areas while their experiences are still fresh in their minds.

The ASQ Commercial Survey provides participating airports with valuable insights on:

  • Why passengers choose to spend or not in commercial areas;
  • Which passenger groups use retail, food and beverage, and paid services options the most;
  • What airports should do to improve the retail, food and beverage and services experience; and
  • What airports need to do to improve its non-aeronautical revenues.

These insights into their performance will help airports transform their business by identifying how best to improve the retail, food and beverage and services experience for customers. Being proactive and getting ahead of the customer curve in this will way will attract new offerings and enhance customer choice which will help maximize the airport's potential to generate additional revenue.

The ASQ Commercial Survey also providing continuous data year-round which allows tracking of performance and trends to give a deep understanding of passenger’s experience providing a solid benchmark for future planning.

To gain deeper insights into the ASQ Commercial Survey, or for more information on programme contact   or call +1 514 373 1200.