Airport Service Quality (ASQ)

Passenger Persona

Launched in 2016, the ACI Passenger Personas: A new approach to passenger profiling provides airports with customized reports to support airports in developing a deeper understanding of the needs of their passengers.

Friendly VacationerAirport EnthusiastSunlounge Tourist
Value SeekerTime KeeperWorkman

A persona is a semi fictional way to model, summarize and communicate research undertaken on airport passengers. ACI Passenger Personas presents six key personas based on Airports Service Quality (ASQ) passenger data gathered from over 550,000 travelers and 300 airports worldwide. The six passenger personas represent key profile groups that allow airports to strategically create different customer experiences to meet the needs of different passenger types. The research methodology behind the guide represent a significant advance on the traditional approach to passenger profiling, creating in-depth portraits that evolve to reflect passenger behavior.

ACI Passenger Personas main benefits:

  • provides benchmarking;
  • supports the design of a satisfying and memorable passenger experience that can more comprehensively target customer’s needs;
  • provides a consistent understanding of the airport’s core audience groups; and,
  • guides airport management in their assessment of customer service provisions.

If you would like this customized analysis of identifying which profiles travel through your airport, please contact