Airport Service Quality (ASQ)

ASQ Survey - Regional

The ASQ Survey Regional programme is designed for airports with fewer than two million passengers annually.

Smaller airports may differ in some respects from their larger counterparts, but what they have in common is the need to understand their passengers and deliver the kind of quality services that maximize passenger spend.

For this reason, ACI has created ASQ Regional. It is designed to provide benchmarking for airports with fewer than two million passengers annually.

ASQ Regional is similar to the main ASQ programme in that it delivers accurate, timely and unbiased passenger satisfaction information, but does so at a smaller cost. In effect, it allows smaller airports to take advantage of the benefits of ASQ without having to invest in the full ASQ programme. Currently there are over 40 airports worldwide participating in ASQ Regional.

In ASQ Regional, passengers are surveyed twice a year (rather than four times yearly in the main ASQ Survey programme). Like the main ASQ Survey, this programme offers a powerful array of ASQ management tools and passenger insights. If desired, airports can upgrade from ASQ Regional to the ASQ main programme at any time.

ASQ Regional gives smaller airports the opportunity to track and analyze their performance, while at the same time comparing their results with other airports of similar size.