ACI Airport Statistics Infographics

World Airport Traffic Forecasts 2017–2040
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World Airport Traffic Report, 2017 Edition
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Airport economics at a glance
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airport economics at a glance ACI World
Policy Brief: Airport Ownership, Economic Regulation & Financial Performance
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The download of this infographic also features ACI Policy Recommendations.
ACI 2016 Policy Brief infographic
2016 World Airports Traffic Forcasts
Content in this infographic was taken from the ACI World Airport Traffic Forecasts (WATF) 2016–2040.
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ACI WATF Infographic
2015 World Airport Traffic Report
Content in this infographic was taken from the ACI Annual World Airport Traffic Report (WATR) 2015.
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ACI WATR Infographic
Top 20 busiest airports in the world
Based on preliminary 2015 statistics as of 31 March 2016
The information contained in this infographic was disseminated on 4 April 2016 as part of a media release titled “ACI releases preliminary world airport traffic rankings.” To view the release, please click here.
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ACI Infographic 20 busiest airports in the world
Airport economics at a glance
The data in this infographic represents key industry facts for the 2014 financial year. This information and more can be found in the 2015 ACI Airport Economics Report and the 2015 ACI Key Performance Indicators. 

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ACI World Economics at a glance