ACI Events

Past Events

Here is a look at some of the past events ACI has been involved with over the years. Apart from organising world conferences and workshops, ACI is also involved in sponsoring and partnering with some of the Aviation industries renowned conferences and exhibitions.

ACI Safety Seminar 2009 Beijing, People's Republic of China

Day 1 Speakers
Guoqing Yang
Zhizhong Zhang
Angela Gittens
Mohamed Elamiri
Marc Keusch
Paul Van Den Eynden
Daojie Shao
Dr Holger Schulz
Dong Zhiyi
Andrew Badham
Captain Korn Mansumitchai
Paul Van Den Eynden
Peter Adams
Foo Sek Min
David Gamper

Day 2 Speakers
Mark Slimko
Keith Tebby
Jeffrey Gwee / Dr David KM Chew
Dr Sean (Xiaosong) Xiao
Brian Lackey
Dr Adival Magri Jr
Yair Harry Gannot
Yajing Cao
Prof Edwin Herricks
Tom Diamond
How Choon Onn
Dr Pierre Coutu