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Past Events

Here is a look at some of the past events ACI has been involved with over the years. Apart from organising world conferences and workshops, ACI is also involved in sponsoring and partnering with some of the Aviation industries renowned conferences and exhibitions.

2nd ACI Airport Environment Seminar
24 - 25 November 2010
Quito, Ecuador

This two day event highlighted approaches and practical solutions to the real environmental needs of the region and how ACI airports can assist the region and its environmental issues.

Click on the titles below to view the presentations from the Seminar.

Session 1 - Sustainability
Kristi McKenney and Jessica Steinhilber - Sustainability and the SAGA database

Session 2 - Local Air Quality
Emanuel Fleuti - Airport LAQ Management

Session 3 - Energy Efficiency and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Management
Lena Wennberg - Case Studies from Sweden

Session 4 - Airport Noise

Sessions 5 and 6 - Resources and Waste
Jim Carden - Water Use
Elizabeth Leavitt - Waste Prevention
Emanuel Fleuti - Waste Management

Session 7 - Environmental Management Systems
Stewart Dalzell - EMS at Massport
Elizabeth Leavitt - An Environmental Strategy Plan

Sessions 8 and 9

For more information please contact Xavier Oh, Environment Manager, ACI World