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Here is a look at some of the past events ACI has been involved with over the years. Apart from organising world conferences and workshops, ACI is also involved in sponsoring and partnering with some of the Aviation industries renowned conferences and exhibitions.

ACI Statistics and Forecasting Workshop
London, UK
3 March 2011

This was a one-day workshop for the delegates of the Airport Economics & Finance Conference. Accurate and timely airport statistics and forecasts are essential elements driving daily operational decisions and longer-term strategic decisions, including multi-million Euro capital expenditures. Airport operators of small regional facilities and larger international hubs alike all share a common need for this information.

Panelists and workshop participants discussed a number of key topics in this vital area including:

  • How and why airport traffic forecasts differ from the forecasts of other industry stakeholders.
  • Practical examples of how statistics and forecasts can best be presented to airport management and stakeholders.
  • Simplifying and presenting key figures in a compelling format underpinning management decisions.   
  • Techniques for making the statistics and forecasting agenda item a useful element of the airport management meeting.

Click on the titles below to view the presentations from the Seminar

Keynote address - Lessons from a carreer in air traffic statistics and forecasts
Stan Maiden, Group Research Director, BAA 

Aviation statistics and data: a vital tool for the decision making process  - Part One
Aviation statistics and data: a vital tool for the decision making process  - Part Two
Narjess Teyssier, Chief Economic Analysis and Policy Section, ICAO

Key statistical indicators for the international airport' operator
Rodolfo Echeverria, Chief Financial Officer, AIG (Amman)

What gets measured gets done
Graham French, Manager Air Transport Analysis, Regulatory Policy Group, UK CAA

Airport Statistics which make or break credit rating
Seth Lehman, Director, Fitch Ratings

Assisting us in assisting you
Susan Warner-Dooley, National Director, Aviation Strategic, Business and Financial Planning, HNTB

Trends in airport user charges and economic efficiency
Peter Mackenzie-Williams, Director, Leigh/Fisher

Ultra short-term forecasts to optimize operational performance
Matt Greenfield, Lead Forecaster, Heathrow Airport Ltd

ACI's forecasts
Catherine Harmel, Aviation Forecast Specialist, DKMA

Traffic Forecasts: key element in route evaluation
Jonathan Naylor, Director, Avia Solutions

For more information please contact Andreas Schimm, Director Economics, ACI World