Second annual ACI conference on Investing in Airports
In cooperation with ICAO and the ITF at the OECD

Creating the conditions to meet future demandREGISTERPROGRAMME
6-8 December 2016 • Goa, IndiaVISA INFOPARTNERSHIP
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The second annual ACI Investing in Airports conference, organized by ACI in cooperation with ICAO and the International Transport Forum (ITF) at the OECD, will feature sessions and panel discussions on topics related to economic regulation, financing frameworks and tools to modernize infrastructure and service at the world’s airports with the end goal of meeting future demand.

“Aviation—and specifically airports’ role within the sector—is continually evolving. Airports can no longer be viewed simply as pieces of infrastructure where planes land and take off; they have increasingly become complex businesses in their own right that in many cases compete with each other to be the gateway to cities, regions and even entire continents. More than anything, the Investing in Airports conference, jointly organized by ACI, ICAO and the ITF at the OECD, is about fostering the right environment for investment in airports and ensuring that regulation evolves in step with the industry for a sustainable future with the ability to accommodate growth in the demand for air service.” - Angela Gittens, Director General, ACI World

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Topics to be discussed
- Policy frameworks for sustained capital investments   
- Air connectivity for socio-economic growth 
- Developing the model concession agreement
- The investment horizon and the state of the airport industry 
- Privatization in India 
- Reconciling the interests of investors, regulators, airport operators, airlines and the traveling public 
- Airport size, scale and investment 
- Market power and competition 
- Lessons from other regulated industries
- Service quality and passenger focused approaches to the oversight function
- Airport capacity constraints and infrastructure development across the globe 
Conference venue
Planet Hollywood Beach Resort
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    by 1 November 2016

  • Room requirement post the cut-off date (i.e. 1 November 2016) would be subject to availability at
    the time of confirmation.
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Past event images (Delhi, India • 2–4 December 2015)
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 Angela Gittens, Director General, ACI World
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