Airport: Montreal-Trudeau Airport

World Region: North America

Type of Initiative: Convenience through Technology

Montreal-Trudeau airport now offers Automated Border Clearance kiosks designed to simplify the lives of Canadian citizens and permanent residents returning home. This

secure system is quick, as simple as ABC, and one person can look after the

declarations of three other people travelling together, provided they all live at the same


  1. Fill out in advance the declaration card distributed on the plane. Every member of the family over the age of 16 must sign the declaration card. Detach the dotted portion of your declaration card.
  2. At the Automated Border Clearance kiosk, follow the instructions that appear on the screen. Scan the required documents. Take the receipt printed by the kiosk. Don't forget your passport or permanent resident card.  

Proceed to the designated Border Services officer for verification of your documents. Open your passport to the page with your photo. Present the kiosk receipt to the officer. Await instructions from the officer prior to heading for the baggage claims area.