2017 ACI Airport Training Calendar

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On-demandAODP: Airport Business OperationsOperationsOnline
On-demandAODP: Airside OperationsOperationsOnline
On-demandAODP: Terminal and Landside OperationsOperationsOnline
 DateCourseProgramme Location
 20–24 MarchGSN 6 - Aerodrome Auditing and ComplianceSafetyJohannesburg,
South Africa 
27–29 March Understanding Annex 14Safety  Johannesburg,
South Africa
6–10 FebruaryBehavioral Analysis: Pax Screening and Insider Threat Management SecurityIncheon, South Korea 
13–17 FebruaryDeveloping a Customer Service Culture*FacilitationHyderabad, India
19–23 FebruaryAirport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM)SafetyAbu Dhabi, UAE 
20–24 FebruaryAirport Master PlanningManagementIncheon, South Korea
 26–28 FebruaryCapacity Enhancement and Resource Planning Safety Abu Dhabi, UAE
15–17 March Runway Incursion Awareness and PreventionSafety Incheon, South Korea 
 19–23 MarchGSN 1 - Safety Management Systems Safety Abu Dhabi, UAE
26–28 March Safety Risk Assessment Safety  Abu Dhabi, UAE
 3–7 AprilDeveloping a Customer Service Culture*Facilitation Incheon, South Korea   
 10–14 AprilCapacity Enhancement and Resource PlanningSafety  Kuala Lumpur,
 17–21 AprilGSN 6: Aerodrome Auditing and Compliance SafetyIncheon, South Korea 
 7–9 MayManaging Service Quality at Airports Facilitation Abu Dhabi, UAE
7–12 MayGSN 4: Working with Annex 14SafetyAbu Dhabi, UAE
10–12 MayCapacity Enhancement and Resource PlanningSafetyIncheon, South Korea
15-19 MayAdvanced Airport Operations SafetyKuala Lumpur, Malaysia 
22–26 MayGSN 2: Airside Safety and OperationsSafetySeoul, South Korea
12–16 JuneSecurity and FacilitationSecurityIncheon, South Korea
16–20 JulyAirport Enterprise Risk ManagementManagementAbu Dhabi, UAE
 17-21 JulyGSN 6: Aerodrome Auditing and ComplianceSafety Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 
6–10 AugustAirline Management for Airport Professionals*EconomicsAbu Dhabi, UAE
13–17 AugustAdvanced Airport OperationsSafetyAbu Dhabi, UAE
20–24 AugustGSN 3: Emergency Planning and Crisis ManagementSafetyAbu Dhabi, UAE
6–8 SeptemberManaging Service Quality at AirportsFacilitationIncheon, South Korea
10–14 SeptemberSecurity and FacilitationSecurityAbu Dhabi, UAE
10–14 SeptemberACI/ICAO Aerodrome Certification*SafetyAbu Dhabi, UAE
1–5 OctoberGSN 2: Airside Safety and OperationsSafetyAbu Dhabi, UAE
8–12 OctoberGSN 5: Advanced Safety Management SystemsSafetyAbu Dhabi, UAE
22–26 OctoberAirport Revenue Generation*EconomicsAbu Dhabi, UAE
5–9 NovemberAirport Human Resource Management*ManagementAbu Dhabi, UAE
 10-12 DecemberAirport Non-Aeronautical Revenues* Economics Abu Dhabi, UAE
12–14 NovemberAirport Business Development and PlanningEconomicsAbu Dhabi, UAE
12–16 NovemberAdvanced Airside SafetySafetyAbu Dhabi, UAE
13-17 November ACI/ICAO Aerodrome Certification* SafetyKuala Lumpur, Malaysia 
9-13 JanuaryAirport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM)  ***FULL***SafetyRiga, Latvia
30 Jan–3 FebGSN 5: Advanced Safety Management Systems Safety Athens, Greece
6–10 FebruaryGSN 2 - Airside Safety and OperationsSafetyRiga, Latvia
 6–10 FebruaryACI/ICAO Aerodrome Certification* SafetyIstanbul, Turkey 
20–24 FebruaryAirport Safety Management Systems Implementation*SafetyDublin, Ireland
27 Feb–03 MarAirport Social Media MarketingManagementDublin, Ireland
6–10 MarchGSN 4: Working with Annex 14SafetyBucharest, Romania
20–24 MarchBehavioral Analysis: Pax Screening and Insider Threat ManagementSecurityBucharest, Romania
20–24 MarchGSN 2: Airside Safety and OperationsSafetyDublin, Ireland
3–7 AprilAirport Revenue Generation*EconomicsMunich, Germany
3–7 April ACI/ICAO Aerodrome Certification* Safety Dublin, Ireland
5–7 AprilAirport Air Service DevelopmentEconomicsRiga, Latvia
 17–21 AprilEASA Implementing Rules for Aerodromes SafetyDublin, Ireland 
24–28 AprilAirport Human Resource Management*ManagementDublin, Ireland
 7–12 MayAirport Executive Leadership Programme (AELP)*Management Munich, Germany 
15–19 MayGSN 3: Emergency Planning and Crisis ManagementSafetyDublin, Ireland
29 May–2 JuneGSN 5: Advanced Safety Management SystemsSafetyBucharest, Romania
7–9 JuneIntroduction to Airport EconomicsEconomicsRiga, Latvia
12–16 JuneAirline Managements for Airport Professionals*EconomicsDublin, Ireland
12-16 June GSN 6 - Aerodrome Auditing and ComplianceSafety  Bucharest, Romania
19–21 JuneHuman Factors for Airport Managers Safety Athens, Greece
4–8 SeptemberBehavioral Analysis: Pax Screening and Insider Threat ManagementSecurityMunich, Germany
11–15 SeptemberWinter Operations Safety Dublin, Ireland
18–22 SeptemberGSN 6: Aerodrome Auditing and ComplianceSafetyDublin, Ireland
 18–22 SeptemberGSN 2: Airside Safety and Operations SafetyIstanbul, Turkey 
17–19 OctoberWildlife Hazard Management and PreventionSafetyDublin, Ireland
23–25 OctoberHuman Factors for Airport ManagersSafetyBucharest, Romania
6–10 NovemberBehavioral Analysis: Pax Screening and Insider Threat ManagementSecurityBucharest, Romania
 13–17 NovemberAirport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) Safety Istanbul, Turkey 
20–24 November
GSN 4: Working with Annex 14SafetyRiga, Latvia
 4–8 DecemberGSN 6: Aerodrome Auditing and ComplianceSafety  Athens, Greece
 1–3 MarchAccident and Incident Investigation SafetyMontego Bay, Jamaica 
 8–12 MayManaging Aerodrome Works SafetyMontego Bay, Jamaica
15–17 MayRunway Incursion Awareness and PreventionSafetyMontego Bay, Jamaica
3–7 JulyGSN 1: Safety Management SystemsSafetyMontego Bay, Jamaica
10–14 JulyGSN 2: Airside Safety and OperationsSafetyMontego Bay, Jamaica
10–14 JulyManaging Service Quality at AirportsFacilitationPanama City, Panama
14–18 AugustGSN 4: Working with Annex 14SafetyMontego Bay, Jamaica
21–25 AugustGSN 5: Advanced Safety Management SystemsSafetyMontego Bay, Jamaica
25–29 SeptemberGSN 1: Safety Management SystemsSafety
Panama City, Panama
6–10 NovemberGSN 3: Emergency Planning and Crisis ManagementSafetyMontego Bay, Jamaica
13–17 NovemberGSN 6: Aerodrome Auditing and ComplianceSafetyMontego Bay, Jamaica
6 Feb–17 March Online: Airport Environmental Management* EnvironmentMontreal, Canada 
 27 Feb–3 MarchGSN 3: Emergency Planning and Crisis ManagementSafety  San Francisco, USA
20–24 MarchAirline Managements for Airport Professionals*EconomicsSan Francisco, USA
24–28 AprilACI/ICAO Aerodrome Certification*Safety  Honolulu, USA
15–19 MayAirport Revenue Generation*EconomicsSan Francisco, USA
5–9 JuneACI/ICAO Aerodrome Certification*Safety Montreal, Canada
5–9 JuneAirport Safety Management Systems Implementation* SafetySan Francisco, USA 
5 June–14 JulyOnline: Airport Environmental Management*EnvironmentMontreal, Canada
 26–30 June Developing a Customer Service Culture*Facilitation San Francisco, USA   
 10–14 JulyGSN 5 - Advanced Safety Management Systems Safety San Francisco, USA
 14–18 AugustAirport Safety Management Systems Implementation* SafetyAtlanta, USA 
 25-29 September ACI-ICAO Airport User Charges* EconomicsMontreal, Canada 
16-18 October Runway Incursion Awareness and Prevention SafetySan Francisco, USA 
23–27 OctoberSecurity and FacilitationSecuritySan Francisco, USA

*Can be taken as an elective for the Airport Management Professional Accreditation Programme (AMPAP)
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