ACI Accredited Training Institutes (ATI)

The ACI Accredited Training Institutes (ATI) is a network of airport training units that offer performance-based, up-to-date courses and other learning activities accredited by ACI that meet international standards for quality in workplace learning.
 Accredited Training Institute (ATI) Training Programme(s)
ATI Course Title Location

CATCAirport Pavement Evaluation Seoul, South Korea
FMGInformation Security Auditor in AviationMunich, Germany
FMGInformation Security Manager in AviationMunich, Germany
FMGIncident Detection, Analysis and Response – BasicMunich, Germany
FMGIncident Detection, Analysis and Response – AdvancedMunich, Germany
FMGAdvanced Network SecurityMunich, Germany
FMGIOT– Secure Design and OperationMunich, Germany
FMGDocker, DevOps and Security in EnterpriseMunich, Germany
FMGHacking 101Munich, Germany
FMGIncident AnalysisMunich, Germany
FMGBusiness Continuity Management for Critical InfrastructureMunich, Germany
FMGEmergency Management Drills for Critical InfrastructureMunich, Germany
What is the rationale for the ATI initiative?
Organizations worldwide are increasingly confronted with the need to continually ensure that human resources possess the knowledge and skills needed to perform their jobs. Because of this need, workplace learning has become an essential mechanism to develop human potential and ensure organizational success. The field of workplace learning is animated by five foundational principles:
  1. Being systematic and methodical.
  2. Being systemic and inclusive.
  3. Using theory-informed practice.
  4. Being open to using all effective means and methods.
  5. Being relevant to both individuals and organizations. 

The purpose of the ACI ATI initiative is helping airport training departments develop and offer quality learning activities that fully meet internationally recognized standards for excellence in workplace learning. It reflects the fundamental principles that, (a) on-going learning is a key component of organizational success; (b) that learning at work is about improving human performance; (c) and all performance improvements must reflect recognized standards.

What is the main objective of the ATI programme?

The main objective of the ATI network is to:

  1. Increase the professional knowledge and capability of airport staff worldwide in order to
    improve the performance of airports;
  2. Provide quality driven ACI accredited courses delivered by qualified, knowledgeable 
    instructors that are easily accessible through our global network of institutes;
  3. Reinforce the ACI Training brand translates into a best in class product- whether this product
    is delivered  through ACI Global Training directly, an ATI and/or our online delivery channels;
  4. Build capacity in “underserved” markets with a goal to be geographically dispersed to ensure
    full global coverage in providing airport training and education solutions; and
  5. Provide a framework of cost effective educational training programmes which can be adapted
    to the local language of the established ATI.
What are the benefits to become an ATI?
The benefits of belonging to this network include:
  1. Global airport industry recognition for meeting international standards of excellence in training for course design, content and delivery;
  2. Issuance of ACI co-branded certificates to students who successfully complete the approved ACI training programmes;
  3. Web and publication listing as an ACI ATI;
  4. Permission to use ACI ATI logo for specified promotions and approved ACI course that are conducted by the Training Department.
  5. ATI may be eligible to become an official ACI Training Centre, if not already the case.
  6. Existing ACI Training Centre will be eligible to get ATI status and receive a preferential discounted annual ATI membership fee.
How do I become an ACI ATI?
In order to become an ATI, a training unit must fulfil the outlined criteria in the ATI Policy Handbook  in addition to:
  1. Belong to an ACI member airport in good standing.
  2. Apply (online) to become an ATI.
  3. Confirm in this application being ready to submit at least one course for assessment within 30 days of becoming an ATI.
  4. Pay the applicable ATI application, membership and course assessment fees. 

When initially granted, the ATI designation will be conditional upon having at least one course accredited within one year.

Please refer to our ATI policy handbook for more information!

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