Airport Business Operations

Airport Operations Diploma
Delivery: Online
Duration: 15 hours

The Airport Business Operations course provides participants with an understanding of airport business operations including economic and regulatory principles, how airports are organized and the process of strategic, master and operations planning.

Learning Objectives

Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:
  • Describe the major role of an airport and its relationship with supervisory bodies, partners, service providers and airport customers.
  • Describe the airport’s regulatory framework.
  • Discuss the challenges airports face.
  • Analyze the new operational, business and ownership models that were developed to address each challenge.
  • Explain how new financial and economic models affect airport operations.
  • Explain what is airport performance benchmarking.

Target Audience
  • New employees who are responsible for landside, terminal or airside operations that need to get a sound understanding of the airport’s complex functions.
  • Current staff who would like to enhance their knowledge of overall airport business operations.
  • World Business Partners looking for a global understanding of the airport business.

Course Content
  • Airport Economics
  • Regulatory Framework
  • Airport Organization
  • Airport Strategic Planning
  • Airport Master Planning
  • Airport Operations Planning

Available Information
  • Available in Spanish  

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