Terminal & Landside Operations
Airport Operations Diploma, online


This course is designed to teach participants how to optimise airport terminal and landside operations to provide a positive passenger experience in harmony with revenue generation activities.


  • Get an overview of the Airport Landside and Terminal sub-systems and how they interrelate;
  • Understand the security obligations of the State and aerodrome operator;
  • Understand the needs of the two main airport customers;
  • Identify ways to increase the revenue generated by non-aeronautical activities;
  • Gain an understanding of performance measurement tools and how they can be used to improve the airport terminal overall performance.

Who should enrol?

  • New employees who are responsible for landside, terminal or airside operations that need to get a sound understanding of the airport’s complex functions,
  • Current staff who would like to enhance their knowledge of overall airport operations and complex relationships in providing world class customer service.
  • World Business Partners looking for a global understanding of the airport business.

Course content

  • Process definition
  • Airport security 
  • Facilitation
  • Airport terminal and revenue generation
  • Configuration of passenger buildings
  • Flow and queue Management and process improvement
  • Meeting passenger needs
  • Performance measurement
  • Impact of Landside and Terminal operations on the environment

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