ACI Global Training: Course Categories

Airport Council International (ACI) considers
safety to be number one priority for airports
and the aviation community. Our core
functional expertise is dedicated to safety.

ACI takes a very active role in
informing regulatory authorities
of the impact of new security
rules, helping to shape those
rules and ensuring that changes
in security are communicated to
airport authorities.



Service quality for passengers at airports
has been a key concern of ACI since it
was founded in 1991. The ACI World
Facilitation Standing Committee has
developed global facilitation standards
that are essential ingredients in providing
a more pleasant and seamless airport


ACI’s training programmes in
this area will cover areas as CO2
reductions, Airport Energy
Management and other key
environmental areas that are at
the forefront of airport


ACI encourages its member airports to
continuously improve operational and
cost efficiency to moderate the cost
of flying and to mitigate intensifying
capacity shortfalls, but also to create
sufficient rates of return enabling to
invest in additional capacity.

Management and Technical
While ACI’s core functional areas
have key dedicated training portfolios
to enhance and develop the skills for
the Airport Management Professional,
our organisation recognises the need
for other areas of training where we
have developed professional programmes
in cooperation with experts in different
competency areas.