Leading Effective Classroom Instruction

Professional Certificate Course
Delivery: Classroom
Duration: 5 days

This course reviews the instructional methods and techniques used to develop and deliver effective classroom instruction for workplace learning. It provides new and experienced instructors with proven ways to make classroom instruction more engaging and effective. By the end of the course, participants will be able to apply what they learn to improve their own instruction. They will demonstrate through discussions and exercises being able to prepare effective instruction, select and use the most appropriate instructional aids and methods, and evaluate and report their results.   

The course is equally suited for new or more experienced instructors wishing to perfect their skills. Sharing knowledge and experience is a key part of the course, highly encouraged and an essential ingredient for success. Because this course focuses on leading classroom instruction, it does not discuss developing and using other types of instruction, like e-learning. These topics are instead presented in other courses.

Learning Objectives

Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the key principles of learning and instruction, and what makes for a good instructor.
  • Describe the principles and techniques of effective interpersonal and group communication.
  • Write a series of objectives including a terminal objective and related enabling objectives.
  • Write a complete session plan.
  • Prepare instructional aids and use them during exercises.
  • Plan for and use instructional methods best suited to lesson objectives.
  • Select and use computer technology that best support and extend classroom instruction.
  • Prepare and administer effective knowledge and skills examinations and report results.

Target Audience

  • Newly hired instructors who will soon lead classroom instruction.
  • Experienced instructors wishing to refresh and improve their instructional skills.
  • Training managers or supervisors who oversee classroom instruction.
  • Designers not familiar with classroom instruction.

Course Content 

  • Learning and instruction in the workplace: what are learning and workplace learning and how they affect classroom instruction
  • The characteristics of the adult learners who attend our courses
  • The characteristics of instruction and classroom instruction
  • Attributes of the effective instructor
  • The classroom as a social system
  • Effective Communication: listening skills, verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Group communication: communicating effectively in the classroom
  • Planning and preparing a presentation
  • Controlling anxiety
  • The purpose and importance of instructional objectives
  • Writing good objectives
  • Sequencing Instruction
  • Writing effective session plans
  • Managing time
  • The purpose and advantages of using good instructional aids
  • Selecting and using instructional aids
  • Setting up the classroom
  • Instructional methods for classroom instruction
  • Types of instructional methods
  • Selecting and using instructional methods for classroom instruction
  • Developing skills - the EDPC cycle
  • Integrating technology into classroom instruction
  • Common ways of using computer technology to support classroom instruction
  • Blended learning
  • The role and importance of measurement and evaluation
  • Planning, preparing and administering effective knowledge examinations
  • Planning, preparing and administering skills examinations
  • Preparing reports on learner performance and learning effectiveness

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