Apron Management

Professional Certificate Course
Delivery: Classroom
Duration: 5 days

All airports must “manage” the risks associated with an aircraft turnaround and ensure that safety is never compromised. Statistically however, the apron can be the most dangerous place at an airport where unusual types of specialized equipment and people with different priorities gather to perform their work, often under significant pressure from time and space constraints. This course emphasizes how a well-managed apron not only reduces accidents but also improves efficiency and the quality of customer service.

Learning Objectives

Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Design new apron management policies and procedures
  • Explain how to implement these policies and procedures
  • Explain how to apply good practice and lessons learned at their airport
  • Describe how to audit apron users
  • Prepare an apron turnaround plan

Target Audience

  • Airport Operations Directors, Managers, Officers and Staff
  • Airport Safety Managers, Officers and Staff
  • Airline and Ground Handling Management

Course Content
  • Implementing effective safety management systems on the apron
  • Apron Physical Characteristics
  • Apron inspections and record keeping
  • Driver and Vehicle Permit Scheme
  • Auditing Apron Users and Equipment Checks
  • Accident and Incident investigation
  • Aircraft Turnaround Plan
  • Introduction to Airport Collaborative Decision
  • Making: Ramp Safety and Efficiency
  • Managing Apron Works
  • Apron Safety Committee
  • Apron Management Audit Forms
  • Service Partner Audits
  • Understanding the role of the Handling Agent

Additional Information
  • Available as a three-day workshop

Upcoming Sessions

13-17 August 2018
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