Baggage Screening: Operational and Image Analysis

Professional Certificate Course
Delivery: Classroom and Computer Based Training (CBT)
Duration: 3 days

This course blends classroom instruction and computer based training and is designed to enhance participants image analysis expertise for both cargo and airport scanners. It provides operators of baggage screening equipment with a detailed understanding of the operational and safety functions of the equipment so they can analyse images to the highest standard and better detect prohibited or dangerous items.

Learning Objectives

Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:
  • Explain what are X-rays and their use via X-ray machines.
  • Describe the procedures to operate a baggage X-ray system.
  • Discuss health and safety regulations, and radiation protection basics.
  • Detect a wider range threats and prohibited objects using X-ray machines.
  • Detect threats and prohibited items in more complex and difficult positions

Target Audience

Those with responsibility for the operation of baggage screening equipment and the analysis of baggage screening images

Course Content
  • The nature of X-rays
  • The principles of X-ray images
  • The X-ray machine features
  • Procedures for the operation of baggage X-ray systems
  • Health and safety regulations
  • Radiation protection basics
  • Security clearance with X-ray machines
  • Threat detection training – explosives, weapons, prohibited items
  • Extensive Computer Based Training using a scanner simulator (SIMFOX)

Additional Information
  • Available in Spanish and French
  • The difficulty level and course content can be adjusted to suit the experience level of your operators

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