Quality Management in Airport Security

Professional Certificate Course,ACI Airport Security Diploma
Delivery: Classroom
Duration: 5 days

The ACI Quality Management in Airport Security is a practical course and provides guidance to aviation security personnel at a managerial level on quality management in airport security and associated pro-active initiatives that are in accordance with QMS and airport industry leading practices.

Learning objectives

By the end of this course students will be able to:

  • Explain the benefits and value of quality management for airport security
  • Apply the concepts of quality management to aviation security and explain the role of the aviation security manager
  • Describe in detail how a quality management system can be implemented
  • Understand the contribution that Quality Management System (QMS) provides to an integrated security system
  • Implement a robust quality control programme and a process of continuous improvement
  • Set up and run a QMS committee
  • Set up procedures and mechanisms for reporting and recording quality, service, and security incidents
  • Understand and implement measures to benchmark and assess effectiveness
  • Implement regular reporting mechanisms and communications channels within the airport and other relevant agencies
  • Understand the importance of an effective security culture
  • Create a QMS training provision
  • Evolve and develop quality management within the organization

Target audience

  • Airport managers and personnel with security and quality management responsibilities 
  • Suppliers and service providers with security responsibility at an airport (e.g., ground handlers, maintenance organization, cargo agents, catering, or airport security providers)
  • Civil aviation security regulators

Course content 

  • The importance of quality management and it application to airport security
  • Principles of a systems approach to Quality
  • A practical approach to quality management: how to design and implement initial and evolving QMS systems
  • Internal quality assurance / audit approaches
  • Threat and risk management
  • Reporting and recording of incidents
  • Quality, Safety, Service, and Security Culture
  • Human resources
  • Evolving the systems with and within the organization: Case site examples.
  • Case site practical

This interactive course involves multiple simulation exercises on security planning and threat assessment in addition to managing simulated airport threats.

Pre-requisite for course registration

1. Must hold a supervisory or management security position in a civil aviation airport 
2. Must have a minimum of one to two years’ experience in the field of airport security 

All candidates must submit their Curriculum Vitae (i.e., short resume outlining supervisory and managerial experience including time-frame and responsibilities). This programme is intended for security supervisors and managers nominated by a senior executive of their organization. 

Upcoming sessions

4–8 June 2018
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5–9 August 2018Abu Dhabi, UAEUS$1,500US$2,170Register
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