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ACI World Report - December 2017

The  ACI World Report - December 2017  feature cover story highlights Aruba Airport.

Article highlights:   

Schipol Airport and the passenger experience 
Located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Schipol Airport (AMS) is known as the international airport of the Netherlands ... 

ACI releases guidelines on transparency and consultation with airlines
Philippe Villard, Head Economics & Policy, ACI World 
The economic sustainability of the airport industry is dependent on the capacity of airports to ... 

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ACI World Report - November 2017

The  ACI World Report - November 2017  with highlights from the 27th ACI Africa/World General Assembly Conference & Exhibition and feature cover story Mineta San Jose International Airport.

Article highlights:  

ASQ Awards Ceremony
The annual ACI Airport Service Quality (ASQ) Awards recognize and reward the best airports...

APEX in Security Launch
The second day of the 27th ACI Africa/World Anunual General General Assembly Conference & Exhibition  ...

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ACI World Report - October 2017
ACI World Report October 2017

The  ACI World Report - October 2017  feature cover story highlights Airports of Thailand: Enabling regional connectivity.

Article highlights:  

Building capacity: Talent exchange programmes
Kevin Caron, Head, Global Training and Developing Nations Assistance Programme, ACI World
Every airport cares about training, developing
and nurturing their workforce. Currently ...

A glimpse into the future 
Guillaume Rodier, Data Analyst, Airport Traffic Statistics, ACI World 
With global traffic surpassing 7.6 billion passengers in 2016, forecasts reveal that traffic will continue ...

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ACI World Report - September 2017
ACI World Report September 2017 issue

The  ACI World Report - September 2017  feature cover story highlights Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport.

Article highlights:  

Capacity Building and how ACI contributes to global initiatives
Nicholas Ratledge, Manager, Security, ACI World 
With the current global security climate, and the seemingly regular occurrence of terrorist threats ...

ASQ Customer experience forum  
Dimitri Coll, Head, Airport Service Quality, ACI World  
Customer experience is everywhere in business these days. In 2016 ACI World demonstrated that customer ...

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ACI World Report - August 2017
ACI World Report August issue

The  ACI World Report - August 2017  feature cover story is on Abidjan International Airport: Infrastructure development.

Article highlights:

ACI and ICAO Asia-Pacific Regional Office partner to provide Aerodrome Certification Training
Kevin Caron, Head, Global Trainng and Developing Nations Assistance Programme,ACI World 
During the week of 26–30 June, Airports Council International (ACI) teamed up with the International ...

Airport development projects: States in all regions gear up to anticipate future demand 
Kleopas Danang Bintoroyakti, Young Aviation Professional
Over the past twenty years, emerging economies such as Asia-Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa have experienced significant traffic ...

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ACI World Report - July 2017

The ACI World Report - July 2017  feature cover story is on the Canadian Airports Council : Harmony in Motion with Canada’s Airports.  

Article highlights:

Enhancing the passenger experience: ACI's Employee Engagement Survey for Customer Experience
Brian Shapiro, President, Shapiro Communications 
“Customer experience” is a widely used term, the definition of which can vary depending on the industry. For airports, the customer experience, or perhaps better labeled the “passenger…

2018 Global Training Needs Assessment (TNA)
John Webster, Senior Manager, Global Training, ACI World  The Global Training department was launched in 2004 in an effort to address the projected skills gap that would become more prominent with the growth of the airport industry in both mature and…

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ACI World Report - June 2017
2017 ACI World Report

The  ACI World Report - June 2017  feature cover story is on Dublin Airport: Delivering an outstanding airport experience for people with reduced mobility

Article highlights:

Investing in training and succession planning
Angela Gittens, Director General, ACI World
Airports require a range of skills that must be continually evaluated and refreshed, necessitating investment in training...

Taxes, tourism and connectivity
Patrick Lucas, Senior Manager, Economics and Statistics, ACI World 
Have we temporarily forgotten tourism’s contribution to economies around the globe? In this new era of inward-looking policies...

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ACI World Report - May 2017

The  ACI World Report - May 2017  feature cover story is on Munich Airport, which in its 25th anniversary and setting ambitious goals for growth.

Article highlights:

Airport networks — safe, efficient and cost-effective airport management
Angela Gittens, Director General, ACI World
Countries look to their airport system to create value, delivering GDP growth and jobs. Some States opt for single-airport operators to manage...

ACI and EASA work together towards safety enhancement at African Airports  
Ermenando Silva, Manager, APEX in Safety, ACI World
Since the beginning of our partnership with the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), the number of Airport Excellence (APEX) in Safety...

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ACI World Report - April 2017

ACI World Report April issue 

The ACI World Report - April 2017 is now available with a special cover feature on Vancouver International Airport, a global leader in wildlife management.

Article highlights:

A global strategy for addressing wildlife strike hazards for aviation 
Angela Gittens, Director General, ACI World
A diversity of wildlife species, including birds, mammals and reptiles, can be found on or around aerodromes the world over... 

Wildlife Trafficking: Understanding why airports should take action 
Juliana Scavuzzi, Aviation Environment Specialist, ACI World
Airports are very much engaged with wildlife hazard management, a commonly known safety issue for airport operations... 

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ACI World Report - March 2017
ACI World Report March issue

The ACI World Report - March 2017 is now available with a special cover feature on  Hamad International Airport, Qatar's five-star gateway to the world  

Article highlights:

Celebrating the winners of the 2016 Airport Service Quality Awards   
Angela Gittens, Director General, ACI World  
This month we celebrate the winners of the 2016 Airport Service Quality (ASQ) Awards, presented to those airports whose customers have... 

Airport city markets  
Ilia Lioutov, Senior Data Analyst, Airport Economics, and Patrick Lucas, Senior Manager, Airport Economics and Statistics
The world’s top 30 cities handle approximately one-third of all global passenger traffic (33%). Each of these cities is home to at least...

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ACI World Report - February 2017

ACI World Report February 2017 edition

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The ACI World Report - February 2017 is now available with a special cover feature on Incheon International Airport

Article highlights: 

Addressing the economic vibrancy for the airport industry 
Angela Gittens, Director General, ACI World
We start 2017 on an optimistic note and expect to build on the many successes of 2016. ACI forecasts a healthy year for airports in terms of passenger and traffic growth, yet is cognizant that global economic...

Moving the industry forward 
Charles E. Schlumberger, Lead Air Transport Specialist, World Bank
During the last decade, the aviation industry experienced both a major crisis and some of the strongest years of growth in its history. Low oil prices and continued high demand for air travel have resulted in...

ACI World Report - December 2016

ACI World Report December 2016 edition

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The ACI World Report - December 2016  is now available with a special cover feature on Mumbai International Airport

Article highlights: 

Working together to optimize airport capacity utilization
Angela Gittens, Director General, ACI World
The growth of air transport has led to increased congestion both at airports and in the airspace. As reported in the latest ACI World Airport Traffic Forecast 2016–2040, traffic growth will exacerbate the current...

Best practice for screening of insulin pumps
Nina Brooks, Head, Security, ACI World
As today’s security screening professionals work tirelessly to keep the travelling public safe, there is, on occasion, some confusion and variation of practices globally around the screening of insulin pumps at airport...

ACI World Report - November 2016  

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TheACI World Report - November 2016is now available with a special cover feature onIndira Ghandi International Airport

Article highlights: 

Investing in airports – Creating the conditions to meet future demand
Angela Gittens, Director General, ACI World

We are just a month away from ACI’s second annual conference on Investing in Airports – Creating the conditions to meet future demand, taking place in Goa, India, from 6–8 December. It has been organized...

How to maximize the impact of the ASQ programme at your airport
Dimitri Coll, Head, Airport Service Quality (ASQ), ACI World
Airport Service Quality is the world-renowned and globally established benchmarking programme which measures passengers’ satisfaction while they are travelling through an airport. This year we celebrate the 10th...

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