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4 July 2014

ACI Asia-Pacific/World Annual General Assembly 2014 Sets Attendance Record as Industry Leaders Gather to Discuss “Serving the Customer and the Community”

The Airports Council International (ACI) Asia-Pacific/World Annual General Assembly (WAGA) 2014 concluded on 28 May 2014 in Seoul, Korea after three successful days that included a robust conference programme; a fully subscribed Safety Symposium; an at-capacity World Human Resources Forum; a lively exhibition; and ample networking opportunities at a variety of social events. Graciously hosted by Incheon International Airport, this year’s event set a record for the highest number of attendees at any WAGA outside of North America, underscoring its importance as the premier event of the calendar year for worldwide airports.

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5 May 2014

ACI Airport Excellence in Safety Programme - Review of Athens International Airport
Written by Paul Aliu, Programme Development Officer APEX in Safety, ACI World

The beginning of 2014 has proven to be an interesting time for ACI, its premier airport safety programme, Airport Excellence (APEX) in Safety, and the aviation industry at large. We are proud to report that we are well on our way to the target of 20 safety review missions in 2014, with reviews already conducted in the Africa, Europe and Asia-Pacific regions.

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29 April 2014

Agence des Aéroports du Sénégal Hosts Successful ACI Africa/ICAO Regional Security Conference in Dakar
Written by Michael Rossell, Director, ICAO Relations, ACI World

Hosted by the Agence des Aeroports du Senegal (ADS) in Dakar, ACI and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) welcomed participants and speakers from around the world to discuss continuing developments in aviation security with a particular focus on Africa at the Regional Security Conference, held from 8–10 April. This was an important event for Senegal and featured on the morning news and in the press—it was also an important event for our ACI Africa members as ACI and ICAO were able to brief them on the latest thinking on security, as well as look forward together on what the future might hold.

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21 April 2014

ACI Airport Excellence In Safety Programme – Review of Abu Dhabi International Airport
Written by Paul Aliu, Programme Development Officer APEX in Safety, ACI World

It is with great pleasure that we announce the completion of the ACI Airport Excellence (APEX) In Safety review at Abu Dhabi International airport, held from 02–06 March.

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14 April 2014

The Efficient Use of Technology to Improve Airport Financial Returns
Written by Arturo García-Alonso, Head, Passenger and Airport Services, ACI World

The commercial aviation industry has always been driven by efficiency and continuous improvement. It was early in 1914 when the first air passenger bought a plane ticket. Over the last hundred years, aviation has strived to improve safety, reduce costs, maximize returns and sustain aviation itself, and the communities it serves. Throughout this time, there has been a single common enabler of aviation’s progress: technology.

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