ACI Global Training Sees Success with LinkedIn™ Groups Dedicated to Human Resources and Training Professionals
By John Webster, Senior Manager, Global Training, ACI World
Article taken from the ACI World Report, August 2014

As part of its mission to continually offer airport members and the industry at large the very best in resources, ACI Global Training has recently embarked on a social media initiative aimed at proactively engaging with airport and aviation professionals. The project is designed to promote discussions on best training resources and industry best practices that will enhance the quality of services that we provide to our internal stakeholders and the wider community as a whole.

We decided to coordinate and manage this engagement through a business-oriented social networking service that is already used by many airports and airport professionals—LinkedIn™. Our main objective is to create an effective, measurable and sustainable social media strategy that showcases ACI as a premier educational and training provider.

This social media strategy has a two-pronged approach:

We first created a restricted membership group called the “Advisory Group on Airport Training and Professional Development.” This group will be restricted to airport Human Resources (HR) professionals whose main role is talent management, recruitment, training and retention of airport staff. This LinkedIn group is by invitation only and has already attracted a wide range of HR professionals from a number of member airports worldwide.

The second group is called “Airport Training and Professional Development” and is open to anyone who is interested in the varying HR, talent and training subject areas and opportunities in the airport industry. The mission of this group is to develop a global community of airport professionals and enthusiasts concerned about training and professional development in airports.

Our vision for both of these social groups is to create a safe environment where discussions and professional collaboration are fostered and encouraged for the benefit of all stakeholders. The key values that we adhere to are professional integrity, collegiality, diversity and collaboration.

It is our desire that through these mediums, ACI Global Training will be able to:

  • promote discussion and share anecdotes on industry best practices;
  • provide a credible social network that can provide insight to the airport membership on HR and training issues;
  • develop a trusted forum to address challenging issues and seek guidance on proposed mitigation strategies; and
  • offer intelligence on the training needs of our airport membership and real-time data on the trends related to airport training requirements.

If you are an HR, training or talent manager in an airport, please join our “Advisory Group on Airport Training and Professional Development” by: CLICKING HERE

Similarly, we invite all our other airport members, world business partners and aviation enthusiasts to join our open social media group and be part of the conversation by: CLICKING HERE

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