ACI Media Press Release Archives (2010)

Airports Council International to celebrate 20th anniversary - ACI strengthens its international “voice” - 02/11/2010

Bermuda, 2 November 2010 – Director General ACI Angela Gittens in her address to the world annual assembly of airports, has called on ACI members to rally behind several new initiatives, making the association’s 20th anniversary year a meaningful milestone in the life of the organization. Members unanimously approved a series of proposals and resolutions that call for heightened action in the areas of safety, security, environment, operational efficiency, regulatory framework flexibility, economic regulation and business viability.

In each area, Gittens emphasizes the critical importance of strengthening the application of global standards and policies that enable airports to achieve the highest standards of performance. She highlights strategic alliances and cross-industry efforts where airports can participate on equal footing and take the lead on any airport-related decisions.

A key step in this process is the relocation of the main ACI World office to Montreal, Canada, where ACI currently has an ICAO liaison office. The objective is to bring the organization closer to the UN International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the important strategic work accomplished there on behalf of the airport community.  The members voted resoundingly at the Assembly to back this decision.

ACI Chair Max Moore-Wilton says, “The World Governing Board considers that this move will bring closer alignment with ICAO, strengthening our ability to promote airport interests and performance excellence in the global arena.  By concentrating ACI World subject matter experts in Montreal, we increase our ability to represent airport interests with the ICAO staff, Council members and permanent delegations. By continuing to pursue coordination with ICAO on safety, training and a wide range of ICAO headquarters and regional initiatives, ultimately we help our members to raise the bar on airport performance.”

Moore-Wilton adds, “Montreal International, an organization that promotes international business development in Montreal, has been very helpful in our planning phase and supportive of this move. Now, with the Assembly approval, ACI can conclude an agreement with Montreal International that will also ensure that this move is financially sound and has long-term support in establishing our new home base in Montreal. We are grateful for this backing which helps us to make the transition under the best conditions possible.”

President and CEO of Montréal International, Jacques St-Laurent emphasizes, “We are delighted that a high-profile international organization such as ACI has chosen to relocate its headquarters in Montréal. The arrival of ACI confirms Montréal’s status as the world capital of civil aviation. ACI thus joins some 70 international organizations already present in the metropolitan region and further enhances Montréal’s international status.”

Gittens says, “We have enjoyed and benefited from the generosity and support of Switzerland, Geneva, and, particularly, Geneva International Airport management and staff, through the first nineteen years of ACI's existence. We thank them for their unwavering assistance and the strong ties that we have built over the years. I extend personal thanks to Mr Robert Deillon, Director General of Geneva International Airport (AIG), for working in close cooperation with ACI during the transition period as we align our mandate with ICAO. We look forward to the same level of generosity and support from Aéroports de Montréal management and staff.”