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Resolutions from the Annual General Assembly 2010 - 02/11/2010

ACI World Chair Max Moore-Wilton, in the opening session of the conference, pointed to three pressing issues that the industry must address: security and the threat of terrorist acts, the counterproductive patchwork of government taxation schemes, and environmental challenges to the industry's license to grow. At the General Assembly, which marks the 20 year milestone of the global association, delegates unanimously approved a series of proposals and resolutions that call for heightened action in the areas of safety, security, environment, operational efficiency, regulatory framework flexibility, economic regulation and business viability.

Resolution 1: Developing airports’ commitment to safety, by means of an ACI advanced safety programme

Resolution 2: Airports support a risk-based response to recent threats to civil aviation and a secure supply chain approach to air cargo security

Resolution 3:Reminding governments that taxes on aviation negatively impact economic activity, growth and employment

Resolution 4: Airports call for a coordinated approach internationally to the lifting of restrictions on the carriage of liquids, aerosols & gels (LAGS)

Resolution 5: Urging airports to continue their efforts to address greenhouse gas emissions

Resolution 6: Appreciation to the host airport

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