ACI Media Press Release Archives (2010)

Airports assess the industry’s financial outlook, ACI World and ACI Europe host annual economics and finance conference - Feb 23, 2010

London, 23 February 2010 – At the opening session of the second annual ACI Airport Economics & Finance Conference, Angela Gittens, Director General of ACI World, emphasized the matrix of critical cost factors that will shape airport investments and financial planning choices as the industry begins to climb out of the 2008-09 economic depression.

Strong international traffic drives February traffic results - Feb 23, 2010

GENEVA, 31 March 2010 – Improving traffic results seen in December and January continue into February, according to ACI PaxFlash and FreightFlash reports. Total global traffic grew +6.8 percent, boosted by a strong increase of +9 percent in international traffic and domestic growth of +4.8 percent.