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ACI Releases its Global Traffic Forecast 2012-2031: Global Passenger Traffic will Top 12 Billion by 2031 - Oct 25, 2012

Montréal, Québec, CANADA, 25 October 2012 – ACI World’s Director General Angela Gittens today announced the publication of ACI’s 2013 edition of the Global Traffic Forecast 2012-2031. According to Angela Gittens, “The data included in the Forecast is relied up by our members, aviation regulators and governments worldwide as an essential tool to help them plan capacity enhancements to meet the future demand for travel.”

Passenger Traffic Continues on Upward Trajectory at 5% Growth Year over Year in August - Oct 05, 2012

Montréal, 05 October 2012 – All regions posted strong year-over-year gains in passenger traffic in August 2012 although a major source of the sustained expansion in passenger traffic continues to be primarily from emerging markets. Major Asian airports such as Jakarta (CGK), Bangkok (BKK) and Singapore (SIN) each experienced double digit gains of +25.7%, +11.4%, +10.9% respectively. Moving westward, the airports of Dubai (DXB) and Istanbul (IST) also posted remarkable growth over +20% for the month of August. With the on-going uncertainty and fiscal challenges that hang over European and North American economies, the overall global freight markets remain sluggish as total freight was almost flat at +0.6% in August 2011. Although modest gains in freight traffic were observed in certain regions, Europe experienced a decline of -1.2% in traffic. The major freight hubs of Paris (CDG), Amsterdam (AMS) and Frankfurt (FRA) experienced declines of -10.2%, -4.1% and -4,0% respectively. Asia-Pacific also recorded weak performance in freight traffic with a year over growth of +0.4%.

Airports Resolve to Safeguard the Interests of the Travelling Public - Sep 24, 2012

Montréal, Québec, CANADA, 24 September 2012 – At the 22nd ACI World General Assembly in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, the world’s airports unanimously supported a resolution that empowers Angela Gittens, ACI World’s Director General, to begin:

1. Developing and implementing a strategy to address these issues with regulators and other aviation partners;

2. Working with ICAO to review existing passenger protection policies globally with the aim of establishing minimum standards;

3. Establishing recommended practices and guidance material to help airports to coordinate with aviation stakeholders to better prepare for periods of flight disruption or irregular operation; and

4. Promoting the adoption of Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) solutions to help aviation partners to optimize their operation and to resolve disruptions and other impacts from events or incidents.

Advising Governments Worldwide of the Economic and Business Challenges Faced by the Airport Industry - Sep 19, 2012

Montréal, Québec, CANADA, 19 September 2012 – At the 22nd ACI World General Assembly in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, the world’s airports unanimously supported a resolution to:

1. Concentrate their efforts on educating regional, national and supra-national governments to support the development of airport infrastructure in order to ensure the sustainable social, economic and environmental development of the regions they serve.

2. Pursue the adoption of government regulation that fosters and incentivizes rational and timely infrastructure investment by the public or private sectors.

3. Work to enlighten governments on the negative economic and social impact of imposing taxes on aviation on a national or multi-national level for the sole purpose of addressing general budgetary deficits.

Airports Urge States and Other Stakeholders to Work Collaboratively through ICAO to Reach Agreement on Market Based Measures to Reduce Aviation’s Impact on the Environment - Sep 18, 2012

Montréal, Québec, CANADA, 18 September 2012 – At the 22nd ACI World General Assembly in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, the world’s airports unanimously supported a resolution to urge states, all sectors of industry and other stakeholders to work collaboratively and provide their renewed commitment to work through the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to reach agreement on a single global market based measure to reduce aviation’s impact on the environment before the 38th ICAO Assembly. The world’s airports also recognized the contributions that airports can make to being part of the solution.

Airports Council International (ACI) Officially Launches its APEX in Safety Programme - Sep 10, 2012

Calgary, Alberta (Canada), 10 September 2012 – Today, ACI officially launched its APEX in Safety programme during a well-attended ceremony at the 22nd ACI World/North America Annual General Assembly, Conference and Exhibition in Calgary, Alberta.

Growth in passenger traffic slows to 2% year-over-year as air freight contracts in July - Sep 07, 2012

Montreal, 07 September 2012 - With many major international airports in Europe and North America reporting lacklustre figures in passenger traffic in July, overall growth in global passenger markets slowed to +2% year-over-year. Counterbalancing the slowdown in these markets is the continued strong demand in emerging markets. The major airports of Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Latin America-Caribbean posted robust year-over-year gains. Beijing (PEK), Dubai (DXB) and São Paulo (GRU) achieved growth of +6.1%, +6.0% and +9.0% respectively.

ACI Releases its 2011 World Airport Traffic Report: Airport Passenger Traffic Remains Strong as Cargo Traffic Weakens - Aug 27, 2012

Montréal, 27 August 2012 – Director General of ACI World, Angela Gittens today announced the publication of ACI’s 2011 World Annual Traffic Report. “ACI’s flagship publication is a unique and comprehensive industry reference providing data, indicators and analyses from over 1,500 airports in over 150 countries. The report describes the continued growth trajectory following the two-year recession of 2008-2009. Although 2011 can best be characterized as a year plagued with economic uncertainty, natural disasters and sociopolitical upheaval, airport passenger traffic posted another record year. The world’s airports served more than 5.4 billion passengers in 2011 growing by 5.3% from 2010. This is ongoing evidence of the sheer size of the global aviation market as well as the perseverance of the industry as a whole.”

Passenger Traffic Posts Strong Gains at 5% Growth Year Over Year as Air Freight Bounces Back for June - Aug 08, 2012

Montréal, 08 August 2012 – Global passenger markets remain buoyant with growth of almost 5% year over year for the first half of 2011 and for June 2012. While certain domestic markets have slowed in North America (+0.8%), Europe (-0.3%) and Africa (-2.4%), international passenger traffic has shown strong growth in June. Africa (+19.2%) and the Middle East (+13.9%) recovered from the sharp declines in traffic in 2011 brought on by the Arab Spring. Asia-Pacific also posted double-digit gains in international passenger traffic at +12.3%.

ACI World Director General Angela Gittens Named 2012 ACC Aviation Award of Excellence Recipient - Aug 07, 2012

The Airport Consultants Council (ACC) is pleased to announce the selection of ACI World Director General Angela Gittens as recipient of the 2012 ACC Aviation Award of Excellence. The award will be presented on November 6, 2012 during the ACC Annual Conference & Exposition awards luncheon in Bonita Springs, Florida.