“I invite, and indeed encourage, all ACI Members to share their positive passenger support stories, which we will use to help all airports fully earn the credit they rightfully deserve within the larger aviation community, among industry stakeholders and the media for going above and beyond common expectations to facilitate the passenger journey.”

Angela Gittens
Director General
ACI World

Worldwide, we have seen significant financial and creative human investments to design and re-design attractive facilities, and to provide a range of innovative services, activities and on site events that elevate the airport experience to new heights. Please take a moment to learn about some of the tremendous offerings, old and new, available at airports worldwide on our site.”

Angela Gittens
Director General
ACI World



PassengersPlus enables airports to share their experiences of providing exemplary daily service under conditions of regular and irregular operations. Tell us your story and we will post it on the site!

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