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ACI Guide to Airport Economic Regulation

This document is designed to be a guide on the economic regulation of airports. The purpose of the guide is to provide information to help airports understand economic regulation and the different ways such regulation might be implemented. This can be used to assist in the education of airport stakeholders on airport economic regulation. The guide also discusses the criteria for the application of regulation, recognising that regulation is not required in all circumstances.

This report provides a context to airport regulation – its history and development – and provides a guide to the terminology, theory and arguments that have shaped the policy debate around airport regulation. It covers the arguments both for and against the application of airport regulation, and describes and evaluates the various models of regulation that have been attempted or proposed. It also provides information of various technical aspects of airport regulation and summarises the regulatory experience around the world.

Finally, based on this information, the guide sets out recommendations regarding the determination of whether regulation is even necessary and, if so, the application of smart and effective regulation.

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